sábado, 4 de setembro de 2010

some Boots

I have to confess, I'm not a "boots fan"... (in me)

It's my heigth, you know, use them when you are short is dificult and some times a girl could bevery lazy... Particulary, I know it's also because of Nordeste clima... may be if it were not so, I could use lots and lot's of boots.



But these Japan "publicity" pictures persuaded me.
I completely fell in love by them.

Please, I wanna boots in cheap prices... and a cold weather too
Images from Rapty

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Querida Hannah!

Obrigada por estar sempre por perto...adoro vc!
Como vai o sete de setembro? O meu está sendo legal :)
Sobre botas, sempre as amo...e tenho aqui de todos os tipos, mesmo não usando quase nunca! hahaha
estes modelos estão lindos!