domingo, 8 de julho de 2012

Charlie Brown e cada um de nós

"Charlie Brown é... eu penso que todo mundo é um pouco como ele, todos nós precisamos nossa garantia que alguém realmente gosta de nós." Charles Schulz falando e desenhando neste video.

“While I am carrying on a conversation with someone, I find that I am drawing with my eyes. I find myself observing how his shirt collar comes around from behind his neck and perhaps casts a slight shadow on one side. I observe how the wrinkles in his sleeve form and how his arm may be resting on the edge of the chair. I observe how the features on his face move back and forth in perspective as he rotates his head. It actually is a form of sketching and I believe that it is the next best thing to drawing itself. I sometimes feel it is obsessive, but at least it accomplishes something for me.”

Charles Schulz

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